Why Invest?

IMMC is an Attractive Investment

  • Focused on polymetallic projects with the goal of becoming a mining company, growing by development of its properties and acquisitions.
  • Strong board and management team with strong track record.
  • Low supplies and increased demand for most, if not all, metals are projected to continue for a significant number of years putting the focus on well managed, aggressive exploration, development and mining companies with good properties.
  • Asia is experiencing an industrial revolution that will strain existing metal resources and increase the length of the metals bull cycle.
  • Properties are strategically located across the Americas in historical mining areas.
  • All exploration targets consist of a number of metals, as a result IMMC is not tied to a single commodity, providing the investor with the opportunity to participate in the upside demand for numerous commodities.
  • The Company's common shares trade on the Frankfurt Exchange under the symbol: L9J and on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol: IMI.