Why Invest?

IMMC is an Attractive Investment

  • IMMC is a junior mining company that holds 100% undivided interest in the Nivloc Silver and Gold Mine property, in the Silver Peak mining district of Nevada, USA, and 100% of the right, title and interest in the formerly producing polymetallic Simon Mine in the Walker-Lane Trend, Nevada USA;
  • Strong board and management team with strong track record;
  • Recent media coverage on Silver, as an investment commodity, indicates that Silver is significantly undervalued at today’s prices, but is receiving growing attention from the global investment community (see Annex A). Any mining company that holds a Silver asset that is potentially economically feasible at today’s Silver prices, is probably a mining company worth investing in for the upside and for favorable returns in the future;
  • IMMC’s flagship property, the Nivloc Silver & Gold Mine, is principally a Silver Mine with a potential and meaningful Gold by-product contribution. IMMC completed its acquisition of 100% undivided interest in the Nivloc Mine property in early 2016;
  • Data derived from substantial core drilling results, from drilling performed by IMMC in 2011, coupled with historic mining and milling records, provided ample data for a NI 43-101 Mineral Resource Estimate, which stated that at a cutoff of 40 grams/tonne of Silver, the area drilled in 2011 contains an Inferred Mineral Resource Estimate of 1,640,000 tonnes having grades of 106.47 grams/tonne Silver and 0.78 grams/tonne gold, containing an estimated 5,633,000 oz of Silver and 41,000 oz of Gold;
  • Notably, the area under review represents less than 20% of the known strike length of the Nivloc Structure. The vertical extent of the vein system has also not yet been determined;
  • The 2011 drilling program indicates that the area targeted within the Nivloc Structure ranges from 25 to 70 metres wide and contains several parallel vein zones that were the focus of previous mining at Nivloc. These vein zones are of relatively high grade, but the material separating them is also consistently mineralized and the entire structure may have potential as a bulk-minable deposit, but there can be no assurance of such potential until further work is performed;
  • Not included in the NI 43-101 Technical Report are the results of the first three core drill holes of the infill drill program. The completion of the infill drill program may provide the Company with sufficient data to upgrade the Inferred Resource to an Indicated Resource, with the potential for a fourfold increase in the equivalent Silver and Gold ounces. This possibility is underpinned by management’s hypothesis that the strike length of the mineralized zone is no less than 2,000 meters; and
  • The Company's common shares trade on the Frankfurt Exchange under the symbol: L9J and on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol: IMI.

Silver Market Commentary

  • Industrial uses of Silver, which include electrical and electronics, batteries, anti-bacterial, bearings, solder, photography and photovoltaic remain strong;
  • Shifts in the market see demand for Silver in photography applications replaced by Silver in photovoltaic applications, as solar energy demand increases;
  • Jewelry demand in India and North America continues to strengthen;
  • Silver coin and bar demand reached record highs in 2015, with steady demand growth in India and North America;
  • The US mint sold a record 48.8 million ounces of Silver bullion in 2015;
  • Demand for physical Silver by investors led to a shortage in Silver coins, resulting in the US mint temporarily halting the sale of Silver Eagles in July 2015;
  • In 2015 total Silver supply dropped year over year, due to a reduction in scrap supply and hedging supply;
  • Silver’s London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) price increased by 43% between January 4 and July 19, 2016, and, like Gold, Silver continues to show this upward trend as investors start to invest in precious metals as a hedge against a potential global financial crisis;
  • Silver gives investors two ways to win. If the economy recovers, industrial demand soars. If the economy fails, Silver takes its place beside Gold as an affordable protector of wealth and a hedge against global financial collapse.

For more information see: http://www.silverinstitute.org/site/

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